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Discussion in 'Mafia' started by Whereabouts Unknown, Jun 4, 2018.

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  1. Whereabouts Unknown

    Whereabouts Unknown Absolutely Stunning Forum Moderator Channel Leader Forum Moderator Channel Leader

    Aug 17, 2010
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    Miki Sayaka
    Hey y'all, if you want to play Mafia, but never know when to do so because it's always dead, well you're in luck!

    From here on in, we're having a weekly #Mafia marathon on the weekends. Drop in over the week to brush up on the themes we'll be playing, and come be the first to try out a brand new theme each week!

    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/38740/ (Week 21)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/38165/ (Week 20)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37954/ (Week 19)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37947/ (Week 18)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37936/ (Week 17)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37928/ (Week 16)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37919/ (Week 15)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37900/ (Week 14)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37896/ (Week 13)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37881/ (Week 12)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37854/ (Week 11)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37838/ (Week 10)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37811/ (Week 9)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37795/ (Week 8)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37777/ (Week 7)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37766/ (Week 6)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37746/ (Week 5)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37725/ (Week 4)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37701/ (Week 3)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37674/ (Week 2)
    http://pokemon-online.eu/threads/37657/ (Week 1)

    Go to #Mafia on Sunday. The active game night thread (above) will tell you what time it is GMT.

    To vote on which themes you would like to play during Game Night, post in the active game night thread above.

    Send a message to Miki on the server with the following information and I'll approve you:
    The theme you want to create
    4 additional themes you want to play during your Game Night
    Any co-hosts you have
    What time GMT you would like to start the Game Night (this can be ANY TIME on the weekend ANY GMT).
    You MUST DESIGN A NEW THEME IN ORDER TO HOST! Advanced coding knowledge is NOT required, Miki will be on hand.

    I will then tell you to make a thread in these forums with that information.

    RULES OF THE GAME NIGHT (important):

    Hosts (5 prize packs, 50 Shady Coins)
    Players who joined all but 2 games (3 prize packs and 25 Shady Coins)
    Players who joined at least 3 games (1 prize pack, 10 Shady Coins)

    If a game with at least 17 players occurs, each player in that game receives 1 Big Mushroom and 5 Golden Baits (max 1 time per Game Night)
    If a game with at least 25 players occurs, each player in that game receives 2 Big Mushrooms, 1 Helix Fossil, and 10 Golden Baits (max 1 time per Game Night)

    Note: If you violate the rules you may be barred from receiving rewards. Duh.

    Game nights will officially last 3 hours (this is liable to change in the future).
    Eleven themes will be playable during game night (4 chosen by hosts, 6 chosen by players, 1 created by hosts).
    Only the hosts will be allowed to choose themes to play during the Game Night hours. If anyone else starts a game it will be ended by an MA.
    Please be understanding as we are in the beta testing of this new feature.
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  2. JoyFrost

    JoyFrost :thonk: Forum Moderator Server Administrator Social Media Rep Forum Moderator Server Administrator Social Media Rep

    Jun 26, 2014
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    This will be fun! Hope everyone's gonna join!
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  3. Professor Oak

    Professor Oak same Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep Forum Administrator Server Owner Social Media Rep

    Apr 21, 2010
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    Professor Oak
    If I'm reminded about this, I'm totally down for (playing) Mafia on game night after 11pm GMT, cos work sucks and needs to be done before then lol.
Moderators: Pamitha, Water