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[Server Scripting] Supported HTML tags on android

Discussion in 'Server and Client Scripting' started by MidwayMarshall, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. MidwayMarshall

    MidwayMarshall woof Forum Moderator Developer Forum Moderator Developer

    Jun 13, 2014
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    Android does not support all html tags and many of the supported tags are just converted into i or p.
    To ensure a more equal experience for android users; here is a list of the supported tags and some examples showing syntax and result.

    • <a href='url'>
    • <b>
    • <big>
    • <blockquote>
    • </br>
    • <cite> i
    • <dfn> i
    • <div> p
    • <em> i
    • <font>
    • <h1-6> p
    • <i>
    • <img src=>
    • <p>
    • <small>
    • <strong> b
    • <sub>
    • <sup>
    • <tt>
    • <u>
    Custom tags
    • <watch id='battleId'>
    • <ping/>
    • <background color='#FFFFFF'>
    • <timestamp/>
    • </tr> handles as </br>
    See attached images
    • This is an example
    • <font face='serif'>This is an example</font>
    • <font face='monospace'>This is an example</font>
    • <font color=red>This is an example</font>
    • <small>This is an example</small>
    • <big>This is an example</big>
    • <i>This is an example</i>
    • <b>This is an example</b>
    • 3<sup>This is an example</sup>
    • 3<sub>This is an example</sub>
    • <font color='#FF00FF'>This is an example</font>
    • <tt>This is an example</tt>
    • <u>This is an example</u>
    • <img src='pokemon:num=25&gen=6'>
    Custom Tags
    • <watch id='0'>This is an example</watch>
    • <background color = '#FF00FF'>This is an example</background>
    • <strike>This is an example</strike>
    • <timestamp/> this is an example

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  2. Nightfall Alicorn

    Nightfall Alicorn Left Pokémon Online, most likely not coming back.

    Oct 15, 2013
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    Nightmare Moon
    Are you able to add this tag <pm id="user id">Opens PM to this user</pm>?