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Forum Games Rules & Hosting (also for non-mafia games)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by "Bad To The Bone" Balla, Aug 5, 2012.

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    RULES RULES RULES (updated and revised by MeowMix and Hopkirk)

    Hi. Welcome to Forum Games. The purpose of our rules isn’t to make them really complex and hard that you must follow otherwise you get an insta-ban. These are just a set of quick guidelines to abide by that chances you are won’t have to worry about. If you ever have any questions please feel to PM the forum games moderator, @MeowMix or @Hopkirk. We’re quite friendly! Please make sure to read these through before jumping into our community ^_^ Thanks and we hope you enjoy yourselves!

    BEFORE WE BEGIN: An important thing to note is that the global forum rules still apply. That means all those rules are still in place (although they can be pretty relaxed). Breaking them will result in forum punishments just as doing so would in any other forum on PO. Note that as a rare exception to this, double-posting (or even triple- or quadruple-posting when appropriate, etc.) is fine, especially in games that do not allow you to edit your posts. DOUBLE POST TO YOUR HEART’S DESIRE (but make sure they aren’t spamming). We’ve had one person post 13 posts in a row before! :]

    Player Specific Rules:

    There are only really three rules that cover players. That’s it.

    1. Follow the rules set by the host.

    Yeah, more rules we know. But these are the most important ones. Mafia games and non-mafia games can vary greatly, so it’s important to know the different rules for each game, since they can change. Make sure to read them and if you’re about to do something that may be questionable, don’t hesitate to contact the host or the moderators.

    Each game will have its own specific rules, so please abide by these as they are set in place to assure games run smoothly and result in maximum enjoyment for all users. Breaking these rules may result in the game host punishing you, possibly through modkill or forcible substitution, and continued disruption despite this will result in receiving an infraction and/or ban from playing in this forum.

    2. Don’t be a dick.

    In general we have a relaxed atmosphere. Poking fun at each other, laughing, and joking around is accepted and generally encouraged. There is a line of too far however, and it’s important to stay away from that line. Straight out flaming and insulting is not tolerated. Really, you shouldn’t have to worry about this. However, just think before you click the post button, “Could this post be misconstrued to be insulting in any way?” Be a good person, and you’ll be ok! =)

    3. Flaking:

    This has been a problem since the beginning of time. It is YOUR responsibility to play in a game you signed up for. It is rude to the host, it is rude to other players to flake out. At the very LEAST you should let the host know that you need to sub out if there are circumstances which make you unable to continue playing.

    This also applies to hosts. Games are ruined by people giving up on their game, or not adhering to deadlines. I understand people are busy. But to completely disregard your game is unacceptable. Users who make it a habit of subbing out of games, being inactive without warning, or giving up on hosting will receive Forum Games bans. If you don't have the time to finish a game, don't sign up / host.

    That being said, please don't feel frightened or even worried about punishment. We just don't want people to start stuff and disappear forever. It makes it hard for everyone else :< thanks

    Hosting Specific Rules (Rules for Hosts and Getting Games Approved):

    The hosts will be trusted with enforcing the rules specific to their game. They are expected to be impartial and consistent when enforcing the rules in their ruleset. Failure to do so may result in an infraction and/or ban from hosting future games.

    · If you decide to host a game, you have to be committed to ensuring that you are active for the duration of the game, making sure the game runs smoothly, and keeping all required threads and posts updated for the ease of players.
    · Hosts must remain as unbiased as possible, and should never assist specific players to winning, give players information that they are not required to know, etc.
    · It is highly recommended that you find someone willing to act as a backup mod or cohost so that if you end up being unable to continue hosting your game someone is prepared to take over for you.
    · Hosts are responsible for finding players for their game. If not enough players are willing to play, you may be forced to modify your game to have a reduced number of slots so that the game can begin in a reasonable amount of time.

    Mafia Hosting

    · As a general rule beginner mafia hosts (those who have never hosted a game before) should begin simple. Try not to make the amount of players reach in excess of 20 players, as the more players there are the more difficult it is for a host to keep track of everything, and we would prefer for hosts to not feel overwhelmed in their first try. Even games with as few as 9 players can be run and be successful as long as they are designed properly.
    · Beginner hosts should also try to keep the complexity of their games to a minimum. This means staying away from complicated setups with multiple neutrals or scum teams, game-warping mechanics, or excessive amounts of power roles.
    · It is also highly recommended that you find a more experienced co-host or backup mod, who can help you with designing and running the game, provide a second unbiased opinion on any decisions you may have to make, and can take over for you should you find yourself unable to continue running your game.
    · If you encounter any problems during hosting and need advice or assistance, please contact @MeowMix or @Hopkirk.

    Once you have hosted a successful game, we will be much more lenient in allowing you to try more complex roles/ideas to include, as well as allowing you to host larger games if you would like. However, keep in mind that if your game is too large and your signups cannot complete in a reasonable amount of time, you may have to be prepared to start your game with fewer players than you intended.

    Each game that is not NOC should have an official PO channel (since talking is only done in the thread). Feel free to use #Jalmont Mafia as your channel as it has been commonly used for many past Forum Mafia games and for the most part is used as a hub for forum mafia games.

    Getting a mafia game approved

    All mafia games, whether OC or NOC, fall under three separate classifications:

    Beginner - These games are specifically aimed for people who are unfamiliar with forum mafia. It is highly recommended that these games keep the flavour component and setup complexity to a minimum, and they should generally have around 9-13 slots.

    Standard - Standard games have normal mafia mechanics. They may possibly be larger or more complex than Beginner games, but the basic fundamentals of Mafia (uninformed majority vs. informed minority/ies, Night and Day, death mechanics, vanilla Town roles, etc.) should not be drastically altered.

    Advanced - Advanced games are games that either significantly deviate from the basic fundamentals of Mafia (e.g. multifaction, all-neutral games, Nightless games) or have mechanics that completely warp gameplay (e.g. Cults, Revivers, HP and Attack).

    To have your game approved, submit it in the Game Proposal Subforum. Depending on the complexity of the setup you may need to submit more information. We will work with you to tweak your ideas if you so desired. Basically, we just want an idea of what’s happening. If we like the idea, we’ll approve it. From there, we will let you know when you can post signups. You need to show a moderator a full set of roles so we can evaluate the balance of the setup. Unless there’s something absurdly broken, we will let you through (since a lot of mafia can be trial and error).

    When everything is done and you have gotten the OK to start you may post your signup thread. Your game must be 100% complete before signups go up. Once your signups have filled, you can then start your game.

    Getting a non-mafia game approved

    If you want to have a non-mafia game approved, you should have:

    · A clear summary of how your game will work.
    · A clearly defined endpoint and method to determine which player(s) are the winners.
    · A completed game thread OP (this should include the ruleset).

    Post in the Game Proposals Subforum in order to get your game reviewed by the forum moderators. Changes that would improve your game or help it run smoother may be suggested. You don’t need all these things, but the more information you give us, the more likely we will be to approve your idea.

    Even though these games are not mafia, the standards for hosting still apply.


    Game Queue:

    At any given time there may be
    2 NOC Games
    2 OC Games
    1 Beginner Game
    Unlimited Non-mafia games (will be done by moderator discretion)

    Each category has a separate queue. For instance, if there are two NOC games, but no OC game, and an OC game was approved, it wouldn’t have to wait for a NOC game to end and instead could start immediately. This system is in place to ensure we have a wide variety of games at all times.

    If you have any suggestions to the rules, please contact @MeowMix or @Hopkirk.

    Have fun!
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    I updated the rules so yeah.
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