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Jun 3, 2014
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This is supposed to be a Medal! , Male, from The Netherlands

    1. RolandX
      Yo bro <3
      1. Casparov
        Sup mate<3 how ya doing?
        Aug 11, 2015
    2. The Dude
      The Dude
      I will be on from 11pm (+12) my time onwards, hopefully we can fight.
    3. Yes.
      Hey, we're paired for the Round 2 of God Among Us tour, when you can play? I'm free usually during 15:00-22:00 (GMT -3).
      1. Casparov
        Yo I'm GMT +2 I should be able to play Tuesday or Wednesday give me a time and I'll make sure I'll be there. You can find me in #tournaments
        Jul 11, 2015
    4. monferno
      " Additional Info: Ajax fan irl"

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      2. monferno
        oke over 5 uurtjes :p
        Jul 9, 2015
      3. Casparov
        Moet om 7 uur er uit dus dat gaat um niet worden haha laten we het maar op 12/1 uur houden
        Jul 9, 2015
      4. monferno
        het is vakantie man wat is dat voor treuirg nieuws
        Jul 9, 2015
    5. Raducan
      hey, we have to play for Draciel's tour. My timezone is GMT -8 and I prefer to play on weekends. Let me know what times work for you.
    6. Mysterious M
      Mysterious M
      you dirty dutch <3
      1. Casparov
        You tasty gyros <4
        Jun 4, 2015
    7. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      Sup, we've been paired for the LBT Semi-finals!
      I'm EST (GMT-4) and am only really free on the weekends due to school.
      Let me know when you're free and we can work out a time to battle!
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      2. The Real Elmo
        The Real Elmo
        aaaaaand it turns out I don't have to cover the late shift on Thursday now. I will plan on being online tomorrow night at the original time (6pm for me, 11pm for you), and on friday as well if we are not able to meet up.

        Sorry for all this confusion. one of my co-workers just texted me and let me know he will be able to take the evening shift after all.
        Mar 25, 2015
      3. Casparov
        Cool! its all good nw. I'll see you tomorrow or Friday!
        Mar 25, 2015
      4. The Real Elmo
        The Real Elmo
        hey, what is your username on PO? I'm on the server now
        Mar 26, 2015
    8. ShowMeTheMankey
      yo we need fite for tour. I'm on as MankE regularly where you can PM me on there or VM back to organise specifics
    9. RolandX
    10. Laurel
      My teams are ready when do you want to play? im gmt -6 sooner the better.
      1. Casparov
        Oh I still have to make a few teams give me a couple days then I'll contact you. I'm GMT +1
        Mar 2, 2015
      2. Laurel
        ok sounds good fri/sat is good for me
        Mar 4, 2015
    11. Psychic Onion
      Psychic Onion
      Ey we are paired up for POVT, im gmt -3 and and am available any time after wendsday, so just tell me when you want to play.
    12. E.T.
      Let me know when you want to do the match for the NEU tour. I am in GMT-6, but my schedule is pretty flexible.
    13. [RAW]Agent Sam
      [RAW]Agent Sam
      Hi, We need you back online. Hoping to see you around soon ^^
    14. Raducan
      Hi we have to play for Pick Your Poison Tour. I'm GMT -8 and my schedule is pretty flexible around these times so just let me know which times work for you
    15. Micaiah
      When fite for pick your poison tour. I'm gmt -9 on 4 pm to 10 pm.weekdays 12 pm to like 2 am weekends
      1. Casparov
        Hi I'm GMT+1 I'm usually online between 8 am till 12pm but almost never during the weekend
        Dec 4, 2014
    16. Fiery Espeon
      Fiery Espeon
      Hi we have to fite for Upper Tier Showdown. Should be esy we see each other all the time. im gmt -5. btw
      1. Casparov
        Hi you mean monoletter tour? :v i'm gmt +1 i will be on most part of the day so probably will see you somewhere
        Nov 18, 2014
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