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Nov 28, 2010
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Feb 25, 2021 at 9:26 PM
    1. Fille
      Yo hmu if you ever return :[
    2. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      NIKI :D
      man u still are pretty active (Y)
      1. Nikitas
        sup sasha, laddering here and there ))
        Aug 1, 2015
      2. Sasha The Legend !
        Aug 2, 2015
      3. Nikitas
        Aug 2, 2015
    3. silverghost
      hey bro we have to play for powc when you can
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      2. silverghost
        ok its good
        Mar 26, 2015
      3. Nikitas
        im on
        Mar 27, 2015
      4. silverghost
    4. Kamina
      we are playing for the tournament 4
      what times would you be available o;?
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      2. Nikitas
        Same, I had a small surg today so the latest we play, the best for me. So, weekend it is.
        Jul 10, 2014
      3. Kamina
        any specific time and day that works for you?
        Jul 10, 2014
      4. Nikitas
        saturday most of the time, sunday pretty much any time that its not world cup :D
        Jul 10, 2014
    5. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Cuz I suck at typing in greek and my greeklish spelling makes it seem like idk how to spell in greek(not that I'm a star at it anyway). Btw, log into the server at some point to talk a bit :o
    6. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Niki lives! Btw, my nomming myself wasn't serious. I'm prolly just gonna be some team's cheerleader.
    7. Finchinator
      Because his infraction points rose above 6
    8. fitzy
      sunday works
    9. fitzy
      Yeah I'm gmt + 0 currently. If you have little time, want to schedule a time to play? Most weekdays after 5pm my time I'm good, and can make time on weekends.
    10. Clinton111
      Whoa hold up I actually just got it working.... can I take that back? lol
    11. Clinton111
      For some unfortunate reason my PO is not working at the college I'm at and external downloads are blocked so I cannot redownload it. I'm going to have to give you the win for this one
    12. Clinton111
      Ummm yeah I should be able to battle then. I dont believe Im doing anything
    13. Clinton111
      Works with me. Its a date
    14. Clinton111
      Is your username on the server Nikitas as well?
    15. Clinton111
      I'm GMT -5. I'm also open most days for this whole week
    16. Luck>Skill
    17. Finchinator
    18. Sphynx
      I'm GMT -3. You may be on the night? I can be on 4 pm, 10 pm on your time.
      If you can, i guess Friday is a good day for me.
    19. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      Well done Niki <3
      i love u , keep it up, we'll recover soon
    20. Winter
      Thats fine
    21. DestinyUnknown
      can you play now?
    22. Winter
      Hey, I'm GMT +1 and on from 17:00 GMT- 21:00 GMT most weekdays. If you cant do any of those times, we can try to arrange a weekend time.
    23. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      Yo Niki
      that's ur Opp for PCWC
      UU: Umbreonn
      good luck man, we need ur win
      and thanx ;)
    24. DestinyUnknown
      I'm GMT+1 and I could play today or tomorrow pretty much all the day. On Wednesday / Thursday my schedule is pretty limited so if we can't play today/tomorrow we would have to wait for the weekend.
    25. TGW
      Hahahaha. NP mate. GalicianWarrior is my Smogon alt. I use it here too sometimes but yeah it sounds actually cooler than my original name :x. xD
    26. TGW
    27. noname4505
      I think you got times mixed up. It is currently 10:20 PM my time. I believe I'm 7 hours behind you, not ahead of you. Since you're GMT +3 and I'm -4 (7 hour difference, with me being behind.
    28. noname4505
      I'm visiting family on friday, so I won't be available until 6-7 (maybe later), on saturday I'll try to get on around 3, but work might force me to come on later.
    29. noname4505
      I can play tomorrow around 4:30 gmt-4 if you want. Other than that unless you're willing to get up early (late for me) on Fri/Sat, I can't do much else due to school and work.
    30. noname4505
      hi we play for POCL, I'm gmt-4, lemme know what times work for you
    31. The Dude
    32. Cameltoed

      but I can only at time I posted below

      Can you play at that time?
    33. Cameltoed
      I don't think I will have many troubles on Saturday so I will be able from 2 pm to 5 and from 6 pm to 9

      On Sunday I can play from 9 pm to 2 am (gmt+2)
    34. Cameltoed
      Hey can we play on Sunday night as possible? Or during Saturday.. I can't play on Sunday during the day cuz I won't be at home, and I really want to play this match, lemme know :)
    35. Cameltoed
    36. Cameltoed
      Yo Nikitas

      we have to play for POCL, let's schedule day and time for playing

      I'm GMT+2 and can play on evenings and sometimes also in the afternoon

      lemme know
    37. Captain
      15:00- 22:00 for you is
      07:00 - 14:00 for me

      Sunday works better, as it works out to be 16:00 for me =00:00 for you
      How does 00:00 for you sound? or just before
      Since then its afternoon for me?

      Also I appologize for the constant delays, I just have been busy this past week, and havent been able to be as active. And with our time zones being so far apart its been hard to make it on time for this.
      Sorry about that,
    38. Captain
      yea obviously our times conflict, Its been a real busy week for me, and every time im on you aren't.
      That's totally understandable since out times are so different, If we don't meet during the week, I'll be on Saturday anytime you request.
    39. Captain
      Hey, So thursday is best for me its the day in which i have the most free time.
      I can log in early for me, or late at night for me, which ever you prefer.
    40. Captain
      Hey we play for pocl, I'm gmt-5 and unsure of your timezone,
      iirc you are about 6 hours ahead of me, so the days I can log on early enough for you would be wednesday or thursday.
      those days work best for me as on monday/tuesday I work late

      let me know~
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