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Jan 16, 2014
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Apr 9, 2016


The Spirit Molecule

susie lou is our savior Jul 21, 2014

    1. Tendetta
      git gud at HO fag
    2. choolio
      get good at bwuu nigga haha
      1. ThatMushroom
        u already know im the bes fag, u wanna catch these hands again
        Mar 26, 2015
      2. choolio
        i still have the log of u losing to perish song whirlpool azumarill rofl
        Mar 26, 2015
      3. ThatMushroom
        the ape couldnt beat me with his real team so douche had to couterteam. nig u cant handle the fucking triple water core, just say im the bes and ill put the hands away
        Mar 27, 2015
    3. Draciel
      come back u fgt
    4. Ramiel
      Gud avatar
      1. ThatMushroom
        im the irl version of it
        Oct 20, 2014
    5. ThatMushroom
      susie lou is our savior
      1. Sakuya Izayoi likes this.
    6. choolio
      dont get yourself perma banned nig....
    7. choolio
      1. East's Mascot and Tendetta like this.
      2. Tendetta
        yes he did
        Jul 7, 2014
    8. Tendetta
      fren! what was that album you recommended again? i lost the link
    9. Tendetta
      lol buddy i got loads to tell you :] come online!
    10. Tendetta
      hey buddy !
      where you at now? :)
    11. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      teach me how to be amazing
      1. Proof likes this.
    12. LatiosPro!
    13. pokemonnerd
      I made a nice pointer to it in paint but epik beat me to it. Oh well.
    14. Epikhairz
    15. pokemonnerd
      Yeah I don't want to clog the thread anymore but Epikhairz answered your question; on that page where you got your info there should be a "ranked stats" button. It takes every ranked battle against 2 people that both have over 1000 points on the ladder and makes the stats that way, as opposed to the normal page with the little sprites that takes every single battle into account.
    16. Daybreak
    17. Daybreak
      the thing is that yui presents the arguement better. With your statement you want 5 things banned at once and make stall the dominant force in the metagame. I want stall to improve but i think you were taking it a bit too fast.
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    (23:18:01) ±Porygon: Your rank in XY UU is 1/11379 [1625 points / 680 battles]!

    susie pls

    (19:25:25) NananaBatman: i was terrible at uu until i sashed evrything

    (19:25:28) NananaBatman: and now im just bad
    (19:25:32) NananaBatman: which is an improvement
    (09:38:45) Retrogott: why
    (09:38:47) Retrogott: should I fucking
    (09:38:50) Retrogott: finger my asshole???
    (09:43:12) Tendetta: no pics pls
    (10:11:26) array: i can't risk clicking these pics
    (09:58:38) 10detta: roofie time
    (09:52:54) +Pokemonistan: I'm not a cow
    (10:08:22) +Gurren Lagann: Mush for walrus
    (20:59:50) mirin gains: it looks like i came in during a standard susies convo
    (21:00:02) mirin gains: weird as fuck convos
    (21:00:02) mirin gains: LOL
    (21:00:14) mirin gains: (22:56:27) ThatPsilocybin: under his shirt
    (21:00:14) mirin gains: (22:56:27) Yui: i still dont understand
    (21:00:14) mirin gains: (22:56:50) ThatPsilocybin: im saying if u took off his shirt it would look like raw meatloaf
    (21:00:20) mirin gains: thats literally all i saw
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