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    1. Dragon.
      Hey man whats up?
    2. Utsav
      hi, greetings. you're a fellow aspie aren't you. cheeers.
    3. ALLALA
      o hai We're having a 2PO Tourney battle
      Im in +1GMT
      When would u liek to battle?
    4. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Hi, when would you like to battle for the challenge cup thing? I think we're both GMT -5.
    5. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      PO is down, but I can battle now if you're available. ^_^
    6. Clarion
      Fidgety, The_Messiah was replaced by me in the Top Down Knock Down tournament. Are you online in the server now?
    7. zeroality
      I've seen a few of your posts but just realized that I can't recall seeing you on the server, so I wondered.
    8. zeroality
      Do you ever get on the server?
    9. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      well sure that game may be still I'd like to try a variant with the rules I posted it would be different.
    10. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      @mewthree that would be too limiting (watch as something that is only countered by a small handful of pokemon comes up after those are gone), over a duration of say 40 posts (1 page) or 60 posts (1.5 pages) might be a better idea if that is to be implemented.
      That's the point you win if you make something no one can counter and start a new game.

      It would change the game but I would like to try it would get very creative after awhile.
    11. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
    12. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      still I love the set and it will be joining my boxes
    13. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      Uh I just did some calcs on your politoed set it fails to 2hko special defense ttar without stealth rocks on the field and with them it 2hko's with only 116 ev's a more efficient set is
      Politoed (F) @ Leftovers
      Trait: Drizzle
      EVs: 252 HP / 108 Def / 116 SAtk / 32 Spd
      Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
      - Scald
      - Focus Blast
      - Toxic
      - Perish Song
    14. Rarity

      1337 posts
    15. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      Just wanted to say that your post quality is definitely improving, all you need now is to know when to end a paragraph and start a new one.
    16. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      lol its ok I think i'll just use my teams, thanks for the suggestion though
    17. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      Meh I guess you're correct.
      However I still think, if you get a connection between today and the 31st, we should redo the match.
      Dont worry about the thread post ill tell Jin to neglect your withdrawal (in case we get the battle done and you win).
      If we can never get the battle done, all I can say that I hope I dont waste this lucky win :/
      By any chance are you able to do the battle on ds?
    18. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      Nah my king was DD holding a shed shell
      Also scarf rotom had thunder instead of trick, i was kind counting on that :P
    19. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      I don't wanna be a dick and say that I deserved a win. I clearly didnt have a big chance of winning our -original- match, but you didnt have the game in the bag either.
      If you somehow succede in getting a connection, then please VM me. I probably wont be on PO all day as the previous days because I have 2 upcoming tests (and I actually want to do well this time)
    20. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      So any plans for today/tomorrow or should I just go ahead and announce that I forfeit the match?
    21. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      So I stayed up till 12 o'clock again yesterday, but no couldnt stay longer.
      Anyways today i dont have school so Il be on all day.
    22. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      lol I take it i'll either have to give you the win, or jin could make us extend the deadline a bit
      Hopefully you will be able to connect sooner
    23. suzaliscious
      No problemo, I look forward to reading it.
    24. suzaliscious
      Lovely! Can you PM me when you're done?

      I also must warn you it might be subjected to considerable edits to accommodate my ... Unique ... Style of writing.
    25. suzaliscious
      So do you want to write the Overcentralization section for the guide?
    26. Rigas
      Congrats on your 1000th post :)
    27. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      Don't worry about the summaries, I'll take care of those. And thanks for the help by the way. POWER TO THE UBERS DISCUSSION FORUM!
    28. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      Yeah I was a little lazy with some of the sets. lol.
    29. Eternal
    30. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      Ran some calcs and it's not worth it. /rage Gl with that team though. Anyways, I'll come up with something pro.
    31. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      I like using underrated pokemon/sets in ubers, so when I test things out a lot I'll try to make an analysis. Right now I'm looking at Giritina-O. It needz moar love. I want to try a bulky sub cm set and see how it works. I already know that bulky phazer with wow is pro.
    32. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      Yay for discussion in the ubers thread. I hope da spark turns into a gigantic fire so we can throw stuff in it. Were you planning on doing a Mewtwo thread already or did I inspire you to. lol
    33. yiran
      Can you remove me from the player list of Multi-Mono tour?

      Sorry about that.
    34. Luck>Skill
      Hey guess what, we are opponents in a tournament! (Back in action tour) But since it's summer, I can battle you at whatever time you want (almost :x)
    35. fidgety
      well i'm back till sunday whereas i'm gone another week so just making sure to annouce that i'm back for now (after the following sunday i'm back till i leave for college come fall).
    36. [TUS] Charizard92
      [TUS] Charizard92
      Ah okay, Thanks :)
    37. [TUS] Charizard92
      [TUS] Charizard92
      never played BWC lol. Care to explain the rules? Pretty please? :3 lol. Either way I'm totally in. If you need help (doubt you will) hit me up with a VM or PM
    38. fidgety
      Ok people I'll be out of touch for the next week so I'm just posting here so People don't VM me then complain that i'm ignoring them.
    39. [TUS] Charizard92
      [TUS] Charizard92
      I like the multi-mono tourny idea. Monotype, Colour and Gen? Sounds good. How will the gen work? will it be forced 5th gen, or choose a generation? Either way I'd be down to join lol.
    40. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      I'm online now.
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