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Sep 5, 2013
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Jan 1, 2017


hi, Male, from India

hi. Oct 31, 2014

    1. Raducan
      Hello, we're opponents for the POVT tour. My timezone is GMT -8 and I am available on weekday evenings and weekends. Let me know what times you are available.
    2. Joeypals!!
      Hiya! Just a reminder that you have one week to complete your match with Just Do It. I understand there was a name change and link errors, but those are 100% fixed now so there shouldn't be an issue. Also, I still need your team. You have until the 14th~
    3. Finchinator
      yo. if you're taking the win vs bugzy, post in the thread and pm me your poisons. can't have your next round game hold up the whole tour.
    4. Joeypals!!
      Please make sure to PM me your team for the tournament :) You have until the 31st
    5. somerandomguy
      upper tier im gmt+3 i think i can only battle today or maybe tomorrow but other than that i wont have time to battle
      1. -Mike-
        im gmt +5:30 and will be on from 5 or 6 to 10 pm
        what alt do you come on? im mike jenkins
        Dec 18, 2014
      2. somerandomguy
        im saital you prob find me tomorrow
        Dec 18, 2014
      3. -Mike-
        kk, will be on for 6 hours from now
        Dec 19, 2014
    6. bugzinator
      when do u wana play for pyp tour?
      Im gmt+0
      1. -Mike-
        4-10 pm gmt +5:30 any time?
        Dec 16, 2014
    7. meeps
      1. -Mike-
        im gmt +5:30 and will be on from 7-10 pm my time o.o
        or morning tomorrow, sunday
        Dec 6, 2014
    8. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Hey we're paired up for LTT what's your GMT and best times for you to play and I'm sure we can work something out no doubt
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      2. Big Bad Booty Daddy
        Big Bad Booty Daddy
        I can fight after 3:30pm GMT -4 if that works for you or helps you schedule in any other way
        Nov 10, 2014
      3. -Mike-
        thats around midnight for me :[
        Nov 10, 2014
      4. -Mike-
        ill be on as mike jenkins 8-11am my time
        Nov 10, 2014
    9. -Mike-
    10. VirajVora
      We have a battle in Pokemon Upper Tier Showdown...
      Wont be much problem as we are in same country...
      Battle on Sunday i.e. 2nd November...
      Decide the time you wish... (Don't keep it morning as I don't have proper sleeping schedules... I may sleep at 1am or at 5 am or wont sleep at all sometimes...)
      What is your server name ?
      1. -Mike-
        sunday 7-10 pm if okay
        my username is mike jenkins
        Oct 30, 2014
      2. VirajVora
        Oct 30, 2014
      3. -Mike-
        or come to server now and we can fight
        Oct 30, 2014
    11. MetalGross
      when fite for the lie tour GMT +2 etc school until 5pm and gone til Friday what about like 2PM my time Sunday
    12. Kland
      yer we have a monotheism tour i'm gmt +10 and can play most hours
    13. Virizion
      Just to let you know that you'll be playing with Isa now, after a short conversation I decided to replace Isa>Xinc and we're all good now. :)
    14. Jørgen
      Hi I showed up and can play this weekend too. GMT -5 (central daylight savings time). Hit me up when you can play.
      1. Jørgen
        Oh wait I just noticed your post on my wall.

        9-10 AM and 6-10 PM your time should be 10:30pm-11:30pm and 7:30am-11:30am my time. How does 10:30am my time (9pm your time) tomorrow work for you? That's 15.5 hours away from the time of this post, for the record.
        Apr 19, 2014
    15. Blimlax
      Hey, I'm going to get subbed in at GSC OU [POWC, USA EAST] unless Jorgen shows up. I'm GMT-6 and should be free to play all weekend.
    16. -Mike-
      You able to come at that time?
    17. Xinc
      Ok, okay. That's not that big a margin.Hm...
    18. Xinc
      Sorry, didn't see your VM. When do you wanna do this? I'm gmt -5
    19. Hannah
      Uh, how about tomorrow. I'm GMT +8, on the server as rinvisible, rin or Hannah
    20. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      I'll be on the overused channel on PS if you need me.
    21. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi :o
      Anyway i don't have my Mac now and I only have a tablet to work with. I might get my Mac back from repairs soonest hopefully by Monday or Tuesday. If possible can we meet up on Tuesday 7.30pm to 9pm +8 gmt? Also which part of ou do you need help with, it would be easier for you to get help if I know what you need.
    22. The Simpson Menace
      The Simpson Menace
      lol its about po server
    23. The Simpson Menace
      The Simpson Menace
      I wanna pm you clear you pm box
    24. The Simpson Menace
      The Simpson Menace
      Micheal you there?....
    25. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      no i think i deleted it because i cried so much i was so sad
    26. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      nu battle i will never forget such an embarrassment
    27. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      yea you are you are the only one who has beaten me in battle you must be a legend
    28. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      are you a legend
    29. Yagura
      >*enters your profile*
      >*hide user customizations*
    30. llvallejoll
      Damn, that times suks for me D:
      Well, I'll try to be on at 3:30-4Am your time, thursday then?
    31. llvallejoll
      Man, your profile is weird :mad:
      Hmm let's see, I'm gmt-5, I can play after thursday. Maybe we should play at 4pm my time, works for you?

      Oh, and what is your nick on PO?
    32. Rioku
      We don't need to. He said earlier that you could self confirm and Epik did.
    33. Rioku
      Hurry up and guess I want this game to end.
    34. Aurist
      hey, i'm mainly on the server as "Catbug" atm
    35. Rioku
      Yeah sure.
    36. Rioku
      The following errors occurred with your submission
      -Mike- has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    37. MewtwoHidden
      Have it ready?
    38. MewtwoHidden
      I've got to go... try to have it working by tomorrow hopefully.
    39. Joeypals!!
      If it fits the theme, sure.
    40. davidness
      you buscare day these hours
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