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Apr 25, 2010
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Oct 22, 2018

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I see what you did there, from Tampere, Finland

    1. liamc1997
    2. liamc1997
      I sent you back comment ;)
    3. Seiki
      Hola sir Lamperi ._.
    4. Nick Slaps Hoes
    5. Nick Slaps Hoes
      Nick Slaps Hoes
      Yes, it's the only server not letting me connect.
    6. Ramazz0
    7. Ramazz0
      i dont know where to go i just registerd now for this web so i dont know any much about this website :/ pls send me link or anything?
    8. Ramazz0
      u mean i got banned ?? can u unbanned me pls give me the last chance
    9. King N
      King N
      Can you tell me, is there any special procedure to write PO plugins? (Also, details about the plugins?)
    10. Nick Slaps Hoes
      Nick Slaps Hoes
      Can you help me connect to the PO server?
      It keeps giving me:
      "Connected to server!
      Disconnected from server!"
    11. yiran
      Your avatar starts to creep me out D:
    12. Hawk's Eye
      Hawk's Eye
      Ehmm, i'm not intrested in buying a 3ds.
    13. Fate/Dracoflare
      Hmm..I think the nidoking thread you locked should be unlocked again..except remove the ban nidoking parts(lol).People rarely post in that subforum so since it sparked some discussion maybe:x
    14. yiran
    15. yiran
      Now it's not Ozma
    16. Ozma
      Black Mage tearin' crap up on yo' page. Hellz yeah. Rawr.
      It's lazering your head!
    17. coyotte508
      hey i got a 502 gateway error on that very secret page!
    18. Blastcore
      Good job astruvis and skarmpiss hijacking Latios's thread. > lol wut?

      insect = Astruvis? =O
    19. Peanutslove
      Alright that's fine don't worry about it this weekend. We'll take a look at the C++ code and try to figure something out in Java. If you do get a chance later and you wanna look at it that's always okay too!
    20. Peanutslove
      Yeah, Eric and Mike did that while I was working on the XML parsing. We have all of that stuff working now! =) Check out the latest revs.

      Anyhow, we were wondering if you could work on linking the databases of move effects, statuses, descriptions, sprites, etc. with the Android app. We aren't sure how the information is currently read from the text files in /db. Do you have any insight about this?

    21. yiran
      I liked your skype picture better

    22. Meway
      u look like my neighbor :o
    23. OkamiBW
      The avatar is the face of a REAL programmer!
    24. yiran
      What's your new avatar .-.
    25. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      I dunno if you got my pm on the server, but I am leaving now and I will get back on monday, so well, see you that day for the second battle! :)
    26. Tears of tomorrow
      Tears of tomorrow
      Hey, I am sorry but what I feared actually happened... I had to study the whole day long and now I need to go and get dinner, then ny friends want me to go out with them... What about having our match tomorrow in the late morning? Like, Around 11:30/12:00 GMT+1?
    27. Twistedspoon
      lol, nevermind i'll ask lutra..
    28. Twistedspoon
      hey, I was wondering if you can help me script a super imp command :/ ? I had trouble doing it for my scripts, and it totally messed up my scripts o.O
    29. Twistedspoon
      hey lamperi, how you doing..? :3
    30. bnhershy
      hey. I've been thinking about organizing and hosting a Paper Mario Mafia on the forums. would that be possible after yours ends?
    31. walkingthroughpkm
      How do i change my profile picture? Please help me
    32. yiran
      Cleaned inbox.

    33. mibuchiha
      Lamp help me. I'm getting n°1 and n°7 too crazily frequent recently. DX
    34. [TUS] Charizard92
    35. Shaymin
      Hi lampy~

    36. Twistedspoon
      Nice to hear, and I am having a disconnection problem with my PO. Every 5-10 minutes I get disconnected.. Can you please help me..? ._.
    37. Twistedspoon
      Hi lamperi, what's up..? :3
    38. yiran
      For Millers: For games with more than 12 people, could you simply change the name of the Miller (on the role list, as well as what happens when he is inspected/lynched) to French Canadian Mafia. All else stays the same. Since FCM kills last, this gives it a benefit.

      Or if you could bother, add "French Canadain Miller" and "Italian Miller". Italian Miller appears at around 18, and a second FCMiller could appear at around 24 (the same time the Dons appear?). Or if you want to add more millers, you could heighten the amount at lower player count (something like 2 Millers at 12, 3 Millers at 15). They can simply replace regular villagers.

      Thanks. Your work is very much appreciated.

    39. yiran
      No charity work lol
    40. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      *pushes Lamperi off a cliff*
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