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Oct 1, 2011
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Sep 20, 2016

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    1. Mahnmut
      Indigo is reminiscing and I thought of you. Hoping you could somehow read this so we could talk again.
    2. Just Do It
      Just Do It
      Hey, we're up for round 2 ltt. When do we fite?
      I'm available every evening around 8-12 GMT+2.
    3. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Hey rock when do you wanna do that uber match for that upper tier tour? I get back to activity to po starting tonight so I'm good for the next week I think.
      1. RockyRd
        my evenings are usually good for me ill catch u on sometime
        Nov 1, 2014
    4. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Hey rock when do you wanna do that uber match for that upper tier tour? I get back to activity to po starting tonight so I'm good for the next week I think.
    5. Duncajuwon
      We need to fight for weapons of choice
      i'm gmt -7, and usually on 3-10 PM my time.
      I'm usually on PO, and in #Tournaments
      i might be on ps but probably not
      1. RockyRd
        im -5 evenings are good for me
        Oct 28, 2014
      2. Duncajuwon
        do u use RockyRd on po and ps?
        Oct 28, 2014
      3. RockyRd
        if im not rockyrd on po then im using ricky
        im not on showdown much but im rockyrd on there
        Oct 28, 2014
    6. Zamrock
      We fight Ubers in Upper Tier Tour, when fight? I'm GMT -5
      1. RockyRd
        im -5 also i can fite whenever evenings are best for me ^_^
        Oct 13, 2014
      2. Zamrock
        u usually find me on IMP channel or smogtours, just PM me whenever ur on, and we can fight
        Oct 13, 2014
    7. Ry V.
      Ry V.
      Hi friend, we play the POT GMT-4 I have in the evenings and over the weekend free. When can you play?
      1. RockyRd
        hullo im also -4 i can do evenings too
        Aug 11, 2014
      2. Ry V.
        Ry V.
        ok, I'll try to get you at night
        Aug 12, 2014
      3. RockyRd
        hey i could do friday, sometime before 3 on saturday, or sunday let me know what works for u we can setup a time
        Aug 15, 2014
    8. Raiza
      hi when play for pot im gmt+2
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      2. Raiza
        are you ready now
        Aug 3, 2014
      3. Raiza
        are you available today to finish
        Aug 6, 2014
      4. RockyRd
        i could do tomorrow
        Aug 7, 2014
    9. Daybreak
      hi we got paired up for xy nu tournament. i'm gmt -4. What times do you have free?
      1. RockyRd
        hullo im also -4 and im free whenever p much
        Jul 19, 2014
      2. Daybreak
        alrite, let me look at my work schedule next week and then i'll just tell u times i'm free
        Jul 19, 2014
      3. Daybreak
        so monday wednesday and saturday afternoons don't work for me and tuesday and thursday nights don't work for me. Anywhere in between should be fine
        Jul 20, 2014
      Hi I'm writing this so that i don't get subbed out
      we're opps for bw2 lower tiers tour.
      yeah that's about it kbye
      1. RockyRd
        sry i think im busy that day i could do that other time tho
        Jul 9, 2014
        ok 25 o clock GMT +2 on 31st febuary 2090 it is
        Jul 9, 2014
      3. RockyRd
        be there or be square c:
        Jul 9, 2014
    11. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      Let's pick a time. Are you available tomorrow, between like, 5-9 PM, or 8-12 your time?
    12. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      I actually ended up being free today! I'll be available for a few hours, if you happen to log on. Otherwise, the weekend.
    13. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      How about this weekend? GMT-8.
    14. Emixxx
      hi can you battle for the tour dp?
    15. Emixxx
      hi im gmt +1 and today im avabile all day
    16. Laurel
    17. Laurel
      When fight xy ou round 3?
    18. TacoBell
    19. Sony.
      Hi, im a mac user so my po client keeps on crashing. is it ok for you to play on showdown? Im gmt +1
    20. Elodin
      i thought the deadline was this weekend, so sorry i made you wait this long to show any interest in playing. also thanks for your attitude :] i posted on the topic but i don't think i'll get an extension, which is understandable due to my inactivity. i'll get back to you as soon as i get an answer from xdevo.
    21. Elodin
      i vmed you on smogon and then i completely forgot to check out here, sorry. this week has been pretty busy, but i'll probably be able during saturday afternoon / sunday all day. i'm on gmt-3.
    22. Um Hello?
      Um Hello?
      VM'ing for LTT R3
    23. Tandem
      I'm GMT -5 too, and I go by Tandem on the server. Want to schedule a time or just see if we can find each other and schedule later?
    24. Rusl
      Hey we are opp for lower tier triathlon. What time zone are you in and when is good for you
    25. Elodin
      i guess we can play today then. i'm on gmt-3 and i'll be free from 9:00 pm my time until 10:00 pm my time. i can play earlier tomorrow, but i'll have school all day on wednesday and thursday, so it'd be better if we could play on the weekend, since i can sleep later and i'm free during the entire afternoon and night.
    26. Serene
      hi, im your opp for pocl, im gmt-8. best times for me are around 1-3 pm, or late at night.
    27. + Shogarth
      + Shogarth
      Sup, we need to play for the pocl. I'm sometimes available in PO Server as [EG]The Joga. You can add me to skype too: Joga.Razza
      I'm gmt+1 btw.
    28. DSM01
      Alright, I'll aim to be on Wednesday 10 AM your time/Thursday 12 AM my time. This might be the only time I can battle so let's try to finish all the matches tomorrow.
    29. DSM01
      Sorry for the late reply, hopefully we can still get this done. I'm GMT +9 and can only play in the evenings my time. I might be able to play from 12 noon - 1:00 PM my time during lunch, but that's not my first choice. Since we're just about 12 hours apart it looks like only our opportunities are my evening/your morning and my lunch/your night (10 PM).
    30. Ambition
      im on grotto as reyscarface
    31. Ambition
      lets play now
    32. Yipy
      works good for me man
    33. Yipy
      yea im good really any day as long as we plan something out, im GMT -3
    34. D$C
      Sorry today i cant play for pot, can we play tomorrow at my 8 pm?
    35. OkamiBW
      I'm free all today. You can look for me in the #BF Review channel. It'll be in the back window, so if I get disconnected, most likely, just check the Game Corner server. I do have work from 2 to 5 PM (PST, GMT -8) today, but aside from that, I should be here. Sunday I'm not free at all. Monday I'll be around all day except for noon to 2 PM (PST). Tuesday, same thing, but all day. Wednesday and on, I'll be away at a tournament until Sunday, so let's try to get it done before then.
    36. llvallejoll
      Hey, let's play?
    37. llvallejoll
      Ok, I'm ready. Maybe this saturday at 4pm?
    38. llvallejoll
      Hey when want u play for random tour?

      I'm gmt-5
    39. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      hi why didnt you get online at night :(
    40. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      hi mr ice cream

      monotype tour

      gmt+8 here
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