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Mar 31, 2011
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    1. Wait2Seconds
      hey, are you free sunday/sat ? im +2 disc Wait2Seconds#4121
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      2. Wait2Seconds
        more like 8 pm i think, im working until 7pm
        Apr 14, 2021
      3. SoulWind
        i have one series to play at that time, but when im done sure. i'll be on main/stours either way
        Apr 14, 2021
      4. Wait2Seconds
        yea so around 8/9pm, thanks !
        Apr 15, 2021
    2. Ade50
      Can u play on the weekend for powc? GMT-3
    3. TGMD
      Hey, we're battling for pocl. I'm GMT + 12 and I can battle after 4 pm my time weekdays or p much whenever on weekends. When fite?
    4. bugzinator
      hey i got subbed in to play you for powc, when is good for you?
      im free for a few hours tonight and tomorrow night and most of sunday
      if there's anything else that works for you just lemme know, im GMT+1
    5. Finchinator
      Lizardman's dead on PO (he doesn't care for powc) and will likely be subbed out unless he contat you already on smogon / irc, in which case I'm unaware and just tell me that. Assuming that he didn't contact you, most of our possible subs are going to be active throughout the late day + night time GMT-4 during the weekend. Tell me what times works best for you so I can sub appropriately, sorry for any inconvenience.
      1. SoulWind
        i see him in irc but if you wanna sub someone in thats fine. just gonna tell you im available till like 2 am on saturday and 11pm on sunday
        Apr 26, 2014
      2. Finchinator
        Well, if you see him and get it done, great. But, he's ignored PO Forums and his own teams' attempts to get him to care for this tour, so I can't really do much or assume he will battle. If nothing happens soon, expect a sub Sunday.
        Apr 26, 2014
    6. DarkDiglett
      sunday afternoon/night my time if you can
    7. DarkDiglett
      I'm GMT+13 so I think the weekend would be best.
    8. Hannah
      POCL, on the server as Mocha, Hannah or Rin. GMT +8 :3
    9. MetalGross
      Hi MetalGross here we have to play for POCL. I am GMT +2 (European Summer time) and active between 5PM-10PM during weekdays and pretty much all day in the weekend. Tbh something could come up this weekend (visiting family, going shopping, etc) so if I can't at one time on the weekend I can probably the other day. Some times I'll be on are 11AM, 3PM, 6-7PM, etc
      Let me know something
    10. Kruzes
      Mi Skype es "JKruzes" Agregame ahí y podremos hablar. Estare todo el día.
    11. Fabian
      yea that seems to work well, im gmt+2 so its easy for me. I wouldnt like playing today anymore though, because i have been busy until now and haven't played one single game today yet ]: so either tomorrow, friday, or saturday. I prefer fridays because i usually don't have so much to do then, or saturday which should also work pretty well e.e id like playing one of you on friday, the other one on saturday. Thursday would work, but I believe I could only play you then, because of the timezone differences. i guess i would say friday, if that works well for you. if it doesn't, im also free on saturday e.e
    12. Fabian
      hai celebi42 e.e you remember me?'-' @smogon
      we need to play for powc .[ tell me when you have time, and give me the timezone again e.e
    13. Finchinator
      My schedule this week, from Monday-Thursday is dumb. I'm not free until 4:30 - 5PM my time everyday. (Only reason I can send this now is because lunch and I cannot acces my computer during lunch, sadly.)

      On Friday, I should be avaliable from early afternoon on.
      So, I'll find you Friday.
      Lets say between 6 and 10pm your time.
      I'll have a more specific time in Thursday.

      Feel free to say a specific time that afternoon (or on Saturday, if needed) that you'd preffer and I'll try making it

      Also, sorry for crappy Avaliability early this week D:
    14. Finchinator
      Hey. We have to battle for the Pokemon Online YouTube Tournament, Round 7.
      I am GMT -5 and my availability is pretty reasonable.
      I will be on most, if not all week nights, from 5PM onwards (bar a few occurrences of being on and off.)
      I will likely be on for the majority of Friday since I have no classes, thankfully.
      Also, I have nothing much next Saturday, as far as I know, so I'll be pretty free throughout Friday, too.
      Best of luck and please reply stating your GMT, when you can play, and anything else you feel is important for me to know in regards to getting this done.
    15. OkamiBW
    16. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      lol nice Paint Skills
    17. HellPowna
    18. YAYtears
    19. YAYtears
      Same for me
    20. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      So I'll be on for most of today, hopefully we can get this battle done. You can look for me in the Champions League channel to make finding me easier
    21. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey, we're opponents again for POCL, when can we battle?
    22. AnneWintour
      When can we play?
    23. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Can we set up a time to play this weekend? I see you've been active, PM or VM me please. If you're looking for me online, you can find me under the alt SeaTowner a lot.
    24. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      We're opponents in the POCL tour. Lemme know what your time zone is and when you can battle. I'm GMT -8 (PST USA) and am usually on between 6 pm and 12, but I'm pretty flexible as to when i can get on.
    25. Noodlez
      Hai there :3
    26. Django
      Hi there we need to play for Team Showdown. I am GMT +0. PM me if you see me online (You can find me in the tournaments channel)
    27. HeroOfSinnoh
      We both are normally online when its evening for me.
      I'm +5.30 GMT as you know :3
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