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(Atq) Fear
Mar 15, 2016
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Mar 13, 2018

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(Atq) Fear

Member, Male, 32

    1. hyogafodex
      powc, gmt-3
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      2. hyogafodex
        Just saw that Sunday its hard, lets try until saturday
        May 4, 2016
      3. (Atq) Fear
        (Atq) Fear
        I prefer weekend as well. I'll try to catch you up friday night(your time) and Saturday.
        May 5, 2016
      4. (Atq) Fear
        (Atq) Fear
        I'm right now if can play tonight. PS, smogon tours server.
        May 6, 2016
    2. FAFUS
      gmt +2, tell me when you will be available and let's try to schedule this, add me on skype btw -> meyerhofer19
      1. (Atq) Fear
        (Atq) Fear
        Adding you. Gmt +2 as well, tell me what times you can tmr.
        Apr 30, 2016
    3. Sapientia
      hy man! when do you want to play for po wc?
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      2. Sapientia
        PS is fine for me. Should be fine with any day, but afternoons are better for me than evenings this week. You can also just pm me when you see me on the server, I'm ready whenever
        Apr 11, 2016
      3. (Atq) Fear
        (Atq) Fear
        That sounds perfect then. I'll probably poke you to play from wednesday onwards then, seeing that I got something arranged for tomorrow. I am looking forward to our match tbh.
        Apr 11, 2016
      4. Sapientia
        Sorry was kinda busy the last days. I'd be free for the rest of the day today and most of the time tomorrow. Me too, it has been quite a while since we played last time :D
        Apr 14, 2016
    4. Isa
      hey, we're matched for POWC. i am gmt+2 and can fight mostly any time, but i prefer weekday evenings. let me know what suits you
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