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Nov 2, 2015
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Dec 5, 2015


U U, Male, 28, from The Netherlands

Trying to get the Gym leader position for Oras UU ( Underused ) Nov 2, 2015

    1. PlantDePot
      Trying to get the Gym leader position for Oras UU ( Underused )
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    Jun 1, 1992 (Age: 28)
    The Netherlands
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    Hey everyone, I am a 23 year old PO player that ENJOYS UU As i just found out about it i am not pretty good in the ladder atm, But i have potential to become good from my 12 years of experience.
    I like to chat and be friendly, and i already made some friends :)
    Everyone that wants to become friends just see if i am online and just start talking :) The talking part in the battle makes it only harder for myself because i will concentrate less on the types/moves. But if i do chat i already beat the most players with UU. So yes, I am pretty skilled i have to say myself. But i don't like bluffing so don't take me to serious :)

    I have a pretty weird play style if u had to ask my most friends cause i use pretty uncommon moves and pokemon. But i know they are good and they will find out sometime to. -Dirk ( PlantDePot )
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