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Jul 17, 2010
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Oct 3, 2016


Phoenix , Male, 24, from Reading, UK

    1. xtrashine
      Free Laurel please he did nothing wrong and you can't prove it.
    2. Finchinator
    3. Tyki
      Asked ZoroDark. Still waiting for Kyrk. OkamiBW AfroSmash and MetalGross for backups I guess. If nothing happens, I'll either drop out or have you pick someone for me.
    4. Nikitas
    5. Nikitas
      Ok, I will do it then: you are a fucking retarded TL Weavilelosez.
    6. Nikitas
      About your decisions as TL.
    7. Nikitas
      <3 dont mind these shitheads that blame you
    8. Clarion
      lol, you got my name on the nomination poll wrong. I lost that well, anyway. =))))))))
    9. Annoying Orange
    10. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      WW you were one of my favorites (:
    11. -Leon-
      Hi,Sir.I got approved as a tutor for this round,but I don't have access to the academy lounge.Can you please make it accessible for me?
    12. FrontierDarkness
    13. FrontierDarkness
      I'd like to sign up as a tutor idk if you got it if you didn't can i send my application to you?
    14. viamage
      hey, would it be alright if I, or someone else, lead in a LC community Create A Team. If so I would like to meet up with you at some point to discuss details
    15. BryceLoski
      We need to play for the word tour,I'm GMT+6.Tell me when u can play.I'm usually on the PO server as Bryce Loski.
    16. Slowkii
      DSM01, Weavilewinz is Toph Bei Fong.

      Also, Toph, you have to fight me in the egg tour D:
      Hurt me gently, ok?
    17. DSM01
      Do you go by any other alts? "Weavilewinz" hasn't been on the server since the 18th. You'll probably find me as st☆rgazer or the chillest villain.
    18. DSM01
      We're opponents for the What's the Word tourney, I'm GMT -7 and might be on the server anytime during the day (currently on a break from school). I'll look for you when I'm on if you don't have a specific time you want to battle.
    19. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Yo, could you lock LC teambats or something since its dead...
    20. KM007
      You are the only QC member for other analyses, can you take a look at some of them and maybe approve them and also post your opinion on the paragraph format elgyem?
      1. Marquis likes this.
    21. KM007
      Is elgyem read for approvals or not?

      I put in what you wanted.
      1. Marquis likes this.
    22. KM007
      Elgyem is COMPLETE!

      1. Marquis likes this.
    23. KM007
      Is elgyem good now?
    24. Mylo Xyloto
    25. Navz
      I think we have some discussing to do!
    26. KM007
      I and finchinator are your team for the lc teambats.
    27. Nikitas
      Weavjohn, I do not know if it was intended but, Prankster is allowed?
    28. Nikitas
      weavjohn, post slowitdown finals
    29. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Hey Weavile, we're in SubForum Finals, I'm Gmt-4, yourself?
    30. zeroality
      Yeah wiki is probably out of date because of the upgrading. Nobody's been able to edit. That won't be permanent.
    31. zeroality
      I changed your FAQ to add bold for readability. The original text is here if it needs to be reverted for some reason.

      Also I noticed that some of the information you listed is on the wiki - mainly the ban lists. Why are you listing text instead of linking to PO Wiki?

      That means anytime the information is changed, we will have to change the FAQ. Would be much easier to keep it in one place (the wiki) and link to the articles there imo. Thoughts?
    32. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      according to the recent wiki announcement, im not part of lc qc. is it true :O
    33. Zoroark
      Hai Weav What's up?
    34. Blimlax
      yo i just found out we have to play for battle of the channels, lol. I'm gmt-6 and I'd like to play before this weekend because that's when am moving and idk how much po access I''ll have at all starting from then.
    35. Clarion
      Weavilewinz, you can start your "Slow It Down" Tournament. :)
    36. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      I might be able to do a session tomorrow, depends if my school is still gonna be closed cuz of snow
    37. Carpe Diem
      Carpe Diem
      Yo, I'm your tutor for the new PO Academy round, when do you wanna start?
    38. Dzi
      Hey Bro! It looks like we're going to battle on the R1 of this tournament.

      When do you want to battle?
      I'm GMT+8.
    39. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Really nice thread you posted, the one about tiers, its really a good read.
    40. ZoroDark
      So we're opponents for BoTC. Since we see eachother a lot, it shouldn't be too hard to get it done, right? Anyway, just wanted to let you know.
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