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Apr 21, 2010
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Jan 13, 2017

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    1. Twistedspoon
      hi coyote: got you a present
    2. [TUS] Charizard92
      [TUS] Charizard92
      do you still need a modest Dark pulse hydreigon? I could breed a dieno for you, with 2-3 31 IV's and dark pulse egg move.
    3. UltimateLatios54
      dude use advanced connection or click a server

      if that fails then your connection must be down
    4. UltimateLatios54
      uhhh one question
    5. Gabriell
      How do I enter the Pokemon Online Server ... I know a password ... help me please !!!!!
    6. DDR
      help I cant join Pokemon online server
    7. Annoying Orange
    8. Picklesword
      I'm sorry with my current inactivity, I was getting ready for my regional and I was trying to focus all my attention on that. I can now help contribute to the tiers of the community, and I've begun to talk to mib about it
    9. cosmicexplorer
      Sorry for completely not getting the rating fluctuation in the thread about the rating system change. That was awfully stupid of me.
    10. zeh
      Hey man, there s many bug!!!!!
      item bersek gene fail...coz not s activated.
      Choice Scarf - A scarf that boosts speed, but allows the use of only one kind of move and I use "trick"(SWAP ITEM), BUT later I sent out my PKM and "choice scarf" still in my PKM!!!! not s correct!
    11. Blastcore
      Muahah! Now that im free! Time to own PO with updates and continue RPG! ;3! installing Qt... (Again :D)

      PS: Wouldn't cause any problem if i compile in 4.7.3?
    12. coyotte508
      then ask lamperi or use something else than Mac ^^
    13. Manaphy
      Excuse me, but would you know any good compliers that can be used on Macs? I'm currently trying to learn C++.
    14. Maariu123
    15. Allen Morris
    16. yiran
      Where did the forum games forum go?

      Can I host a forum mafia in "General Chat"?

      Thanks in advance.
    17. Jared24
      Hey coyote my friend got banned for no good reason. Hyperbeem said bad stuff bout him and got him banned. Im talkin bout Gangsta Luvv.
    18. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      I'm curious, how many people ask you about RBY everyday?
    19. WikeMON
      can u make me an admin please????? my username is master-mind mike?? please!!
    20. ronald
      hi dudes
    21. Blastcore
      U never talk! :(
    22. zuargo
      Mister coyotte, thank you so much for releasing this game under the GPL, for having a version for GNU/Linux, and for making the GUI in Qt :D

      I use KDE on Archlinux :D
    23. zeroality
      FYI: Pencil Pusher changed to Iridescent on the forums.
    24. zeroality
      FYI: Alex changed to Secundum on the forums.
    25. Heist
      wasted your time completely sorry!
    26. Shawn
      On the server Unova League, The user Tyson muted me for "Fighting spamming" which is not a rule and he kicked me for no reason. I ask if you will at least talk to him or ban him from the server.

    27. Senzairu
      Thanks Coyote!
    28. Senzairu
      Hey Coyote - I voted on the Shandy ban but I screwed up and did it under the wrong alt. I voted under the name "Shigure" but my forum name is "Senzairu" and "Senzairu" is the alt I meant to vote under. Is there any way you can fix this for me? I'd really appreciate it.
    29. zeroality
      FYI: Metal Gear C.O.S.B.Y changed to Mr. Whiscash on the forums.
    30. Rocketeer
    31. Rocketeer
      Sir coyette wer can i update the new can u guide me how ?
    32. -BlackFire-
    33. Blastcore
      Heh, Sorry Coyo for begin inactive for lot of time. I'm very busy with school. But yea, i'll try to work more on PO.

      Also, yea. Remove the GetBattleData. I'll not need them since i can't work on RPG (Busy with school).

      Thanks. :)
    34. yiran
      Are you allowed to post in the "Brightpowder (On Garchomp) - Moving Forward" Thread if you believe that Garchomp isn't broken?
    35. nixeagle
      Regarding my last PM to you, please keep the contents private or restricted to a small audience if at all possible. I don't want to raise expectations until I have something actually _working_ that people can try. Thanks!
    36. [BB]Team Plasma N
      [BB]Team Plasma N
      hi coyotte i am [BB NA]Soul.I am reporting to you about someone who is constantly hacking me.His name is [Lod]Static.He keeps hacking me and getting me banned from servers.Also i was making a server and he hacked into it and changed it all.Please help me he is sabotaging me.Please help
      [BB NA]Soul
      p.s. [BB NA]Soul and [BB]TeamPlasma N are both my accounts.
    37. the
    38. zeroality
      I didn't realize it was a dump thread. I only saw the log, and not the posts before it. Sorry. :x
    39. Justin Bidoof
      Justin Bidoof
      Hi coyotte :3.

    40. yiran
      Would there be a tier between LU or NU? At this rate, it seems like that the power level of NU will still be high.

      For example, Archeops, a pokemon with high potential, is currently DW NU.
      Also, a previous OU, Ninjask, is currently DW NU.
      A previous Ubers, Wobbuffet, will also be DW NU.
      Three of the alternate Rotom forms, while losing their beneficial ghost typing, still have much potential (H, S, F). They are DW NU.

      And as a result, the lowest tier pokemon (Glalie, Dustox, Castform, etc) will never see use.


      (Another method we could use is to lower the cut-off point. But that will make pokemon that are just over the cut-off point not see much use if it is too low.)
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